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The sand we provide is applied to make solar cell glass panels and semiconductor devices.

The main material for manufacturing is crystalline silicon. Solar cell glass panels from silicon crystals are divided into three types:

- Single crystal: produced based on Czochralski process. Single crystals of this type have an efficiency of up to 16%. They are often very expensive due to being cut from tubular silicon ingots, which can have blank surfaces at the corners of the modules.

- Polycrystalline made from cast ingots - cast from carefully melted silicon cooled and solidified. These batteries are usually cheaper than single crystals, but perform poorly. However, they can form more square plates covering the surface than single crystals to compensate for its low performance.

- Silicon bands made up of thin films of molten silicon and polycrystalline structure. This type usually has the lowest performance, but this type is the cheapest of the types because there is no need to cut from a silicon ingot.

The manufacturing platform is based on the technology of manufacturing thin sheets, with a thickness of 300 μm and folded to create modules to form the above batteries.